The Hellectric Devilz

The Hellectric Devilz


The Hellectric Club

01 - Live Fast (The Devil Curse Part. 1)

02- Party with the Devil King (The Devil Curse Part. 3)

03 - The Hellectric Devilz

04 - Love Madness

05 - Gun in Your Mouth

06 - Slinky Lingerie

07 - Blinded

08 - Hellrizer

09 - God is Dead

10 - Fight as One


Live Fast (The Devil Curse Part. 1)

I don't need nothing, just fuckin’ metal things

Just guitar, beer and spliff, to live like a riff

The humans left nothing, the fake god is killing

You may be white or black, but you'll burn on the rack


Woke up this morning, thoughts of everything

The fuckin’ drugs of yesterday make my head away

Riding extasy, only way to be free

Take your throttle grip, and you fall down for your trip


Live Fast, Live Free

Take every day a fuckin’ bitch

Live Fast, Live Free

And please make me a big screech         

Live Fast, Live Free

You prefer drinkin’ and smoke some weed

Live fast, live free

Listen and take the lead


You just have to be like a ride, always free

It's the best w

ay for your life

To resolve your thinking strife’s

Live everyday drunk, dogs and bitches like punks

If someone sees you in (the) street

He's afraid to have a meet


Ride your motorbike, live the road like strike

Drink with madness, man, and take all the drug bin

You will never work, these fuckin’ rules suck


Party with the Devil King (The Devil Curse Part. 3)


Oh, you can't see anything, last thing you remember is that you were driving

Where are you now? You’re caught in a place...Flashes, lights, and red darkness

Open your eyes, it's clear, trapped in this place in your fear

Demons everywhere, you can't see that the diner is…

The flames are burning your skin

Party with devil king

Welcome to the best party of all time   

You come and you will lose your mind

Tonight you're at the big party in hell

Devils will dance, fuck, drink and yell

Burn, Burn, Burn, Burn

Have no idea what's happening, they are ready to begin

They look (at me) with angry eyes, want to eat and rise

A knife cuts your leg, now the table is set

Sure you're not enough for all, but the diner is…


The Hellectric Devilz


Why did you come here tonight, is it for girls or FOR BEER ?

But now, you know why, this metal music got your fears

It screams, it hurts, the drum is back to hit

It screams, it hurts, is it hell, or…


The Hellectric Devilz

Tonight we’ll kick in your ears

The Hellectric Devilz

Bring your girl and drink your beer

The Hellectric Devilz

We're here to smash your face

From hell, we gonna burn this place


Fuckin’ guy you are hot, you're ready to light THIS SPOT

Your muscle’s sweat, can you feel ? Let the devil come like steel

It screams, it hurts, the guitars scratch your brain

It screams, it hurts, is it hell, or…

Now you're ready to fight, to move your ass IN LIGHTS

Metal music in your heart, have to move, this time it’s short

It screams, it hurts, The bass hits your mind

It screams, it hurts, is it hell, or…


Love Madness


Do you believe you think by yourself ?

To have your own thought, your own self

You think you are a single person ?

But you respect the rules, you'd never ride on


You know there is a STRANGE THINGS

You have a feeling like a ring

Something tells you to EXPLODE

Your brain try to raise it all




Is it a call or is it just a sing ?

You feel the sap who climb in your brain-ring

Are you allowed to know the truth ?

Are you allowed to break the rules ?

Oh Oh Oh    Love Madness


See and cry when you ride on

The others point their fingers on

Metal music and always beers

Instead of thinking about your fears


Love Madness, Explode

Love Madness, Destroy

Love Madness, Explode


Gun In Your Mouth


You don't like your life, you just wanna strife

You’ll never have glory, you’ll never be happy

Your wife doesn't want you, your children SPIT ON YOU

You don't have a job and every day you rob



That's the way for your life


Strike the beast off your mind


A gun in your Mouth

Put a Gun in your Mouth

Stop paying the price

Wanted drinks and happiness, you are loose and joyless

No money and no sex, death will not arrive on request

Time to pull the trigger, death will be better

You have to leave now, give a theatrical bang !


Slinky Lingerie


Saw her first time on holidays, she had a small shirt and hot pants

In love for the first time this day, I’m unable to hold my crank

I never want to eat this food, have a baby and a common life

I prefer to fuck, it’s so good, I thought my heart was (as) cold as ice


Slinky Lingerie, fucking power of your body

Slinky Lingerie, put it on and please show me


But this one is like a cream, looks fine and natural class

Talking to her was like a dream, instantly forgot signs of past

After this flash it was so fast, my principles happened to break

A car, a house and all she asks... Forgot everything but her neck


Tried to resist and stay strong, to be an anarchist

I'm fuckin’ married with this song, who turns me into beast

Wanted to be punk and drunk, fuck girls and drink more beers

You know marriage is back in ranks. Too late… Today, for me, just tears




What do you think? You'll burn in hell, ashes ! whether you succeed or fail

You see death everywhere, everybody's in devil stare

You think you're strong, not afraid of death and you're wrong

Lookin’ in your eyes, we see your fears, you never show your tears


Get out of your shell, just think by yourself

Stay strong in your head, wake up, leave your bed


Drank the world on TV, break the chains, fight to be free

Despite all this, you are strong, your madness life's so wrong

Being straight out for girls, show off and speak so loud

You believe but you're blind ; it's empty in your small mind


You are Blinded


Always for glory, acts of stupidity

You're wrong in your greed. Always more money to live




First time he watched the place, he saw the fear on his face

Such a pretty small guy, young shape and nervous dry

He comes for glory, but he frightens nobody

You know that’s the day, time for victory and money


He comes to you, hard pain for you

You're not watchful, become like bull

The Hellrizer, The Hellrizer


He receives the first fist, all his brain became a mist

It wasn't the end time, madman for the first time


Tight muscles, crazy brain, he was virgin, he broke the chains

Blood injected eyes, looked at you and cried

Fear's on your face now, and this wild beast grows

He scratches all your skin, you will try but not stop him


His fingers in your eyes, make you pain and cry

Stoic tall man were you, now you will feel the pain, won’t you ?

You'd have never thought about feeling angry and lose the fight.

He's the wolf, you're the sheep, this time it's just one cross on the list.


God is Dead


What kind of help are you waiting in your head ?

Believe like a lord that you're a child of god

Understand nothing, and wait for the next spring

God apologies, clean your mind and eyes


It's some fuckin’ lies, you believe like a child

Do you think you will climb on heaven hills ?

You're afraid of death, pity's in your head

You think you can kill, men and wives on grill


You never did grow, that's why you think too,

And you can't do nothing, you never cry sleeping

That's why you're a priest, live your life on mist

You believe god will save you, no one cares about you


God is Dead, God is Dead

God is Dead, God is Dead


Mankind in the sights, afraid of hell’s lights

Better than living like you, I’d rather think and do

From Earth dawn of time, Human action crimes

Find a good conscience, supported by science


Fight as One


Fuckin’ cops ask you : “do you feel the wrath ?”

Politics tell you : “don't do all this stuff”

Just listen to your heart, what does it say ?

Go out in the street, and find your own way


You have to fight as one, have to burn it all

To take all this stuff, just listen to your heart

Raise your fist and scream  ("time to go away")

You wanna break it all, and walk this way


You dream the world in a better light

And believe you don't have to fight

You won't let phones manage your life

Listen to you heart and resolve strife


Maybe you think it's easy to fight as one

Move your ass, be ready to fight someone

Are you afraid of being free, fight the state as it should be

Fucking rulers of the world tell you to believe in god

Move your ass dude and Fight as One

Take your balls back and Fight as One

Come with us dude and Fight as One

Please my friend don't let me down






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